Cloudflare Cache - why does it slow down my site

Not sure why this is… when I pause Cloudflare, my site speeds way up… when its on the site bogs down big time. I assume this is a caching issue… How can I solve this?

Hi @dane1,
Welcome to Cloudflare Community. Can you share your website URL so that we can check the response headers of your website with and without Cloudflare to see what’s going on? Without knowing your website, it is a bit hard to guess what’s going on.

Hi, I have the same issue the last 24h. I moved to CF from yesterday and have problems with end users, who are reporting slow loading of login and sub pages. I have two services behind one is a web page and one mobile app. I have only one rule on CF which is rate limit. Any ideas???

Thanks Isaymya… I paused Cloudflare and its much faster. The site is and 4 others.

Let me know what you discover. With Cloudflare on… the pages resolve very very slow


Hi @dane1,
Can you enable Cloudflare in your site for the moment so that I can see the page load time and compare them?

Hi @tchavdar.ranguelov,
Looking at your website I am seeing connection timed out i.e. the origin server is not responding. Take a look:

yes, that is what happens with mine. I turned on Cloudflare… for you to test

I presume it is a settings thing…

Hi @dane1,
Then maybe it is possible that your webserver firewall is blocking Cloudflare traffic for some reason. Because this error is at the origin server level, basically Cloudflare server is contacting your origin server but it is not responding. So, it might be possible that some settings inside your web server is causing this issue that is when requests are coming from Cloudflare servers, no response are given as a result the request times out.

that makes sense. how can i determine this and solve it?

Do I whitelist Cloudflare on the WHM / Cpanel ? Is there a support doc explaining this?

You can try whitelisting Cloudflare IP range in your server but also check the access log to see why connection time out is happening when request are coming from Cloudflare?

Besides @isaumya’s suggestion to allowlist Cloudflare’s IP, I’d also suggest, if you haven’t done it yet, to make sure your origin restores original visitor IP addresses. Otherwise your origin may rate-limit visits as it sees all of them coming from a single visitor (Cloudflare).

Yes, thanks. I whitelisted those IPs and the problem still remains.

Hi Isaumya,
I had to reverse the settings because end users where complaining, in the mean time I have setup an staging which is which points to the same service.
The problem appears to have fragmented loading of the site or application issue, it takes from local networks about 15-20 sec, which is a lot. Regarding staging instance, it is much harder to experience the same issue, due to lack of session workloads. Would some of the services like Argo help in such situations?

I am seeing the exact same problem with your new staging domain as well:


Did you check the links mentioned above? Cause it seems your origin server is not sending a response. Please check the links provided above and try those options.

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We should avoid conflating errors from the origin web server and slow performance.

  1. We provide comprehensive documentation on 5XX errors here, with suggestions of steps to take if you are seeing these errors.

  2. We provide guidance here relating to website speed and performance and how this can be tested and improved.

As indicated in the document above, there are a lot of factors which go into the speed of loading a resource and testing these thoroughly can help with narrowing down exactly what’s happening. If the origin server is returning errors, then it’s more likely to be an issue derived from there than Cloudflare’s cache.


Hi, can you please point me to the check tool you used to analyze CF and host connectivity?

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