Cloudflare Cache seems to remove my wordpress theme

This has only started happening in the last couple of months, and I believe it has happened twice to date.

At random, my theme from my WordPress site hosted at Site Ground will be removed which makes my website unusable. Upon clearing Cloudflare’s Cache, it then fixes this issue. I have contacted Site Ground and they initially fixed the problem by doing the above temporary solution.

I have caching enabled with both Cloudflare Premium and Site Ground Optimizer. I’ve had both of these enabled for over a year.

Edit* to clarify, the theme itself disappears, so it isn’t deleted. It’s just that the background turns black, the text is not formatted and the menu is also not formatted and fully expanded.

May I ask you to check which option is being selected for “Browser Cache TTL” at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name? (or via SiteGround panel)

Furthermore, are you using any other caching plugin for WordPress like WP Rocket, etc.?

May I ask if you are using some theme builder like Elementor, etc.?

Have you tried disabling, if so, “Auto Minify” and/or “Rocket Loader” option?


The Browser Cache TTL is set to 4 hours via Cloudflare dashboard.

The only other caching plugin is SG Optimizer which I have had for over a year working in sync with Cloudflare. The only settings I changed after this issue occurred was I am only minifying CSS, HTMl and JS on Cloudflare now and not on both.

I have Elementor installed, but I do not actively use it and it isn’t in use on my pages at the moment.

Thanks for your response.

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