Cloudflare Cache Purge does not work when having specific rule

Being new user, unable to put three images, so here is the full question with three images.

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Cache purge does not work ( even not purge everything ) if I add a rule like following (Image#1) => set both Browser Cache TTL and Edge Cache TTL to 4 hours

By does not work I mean, url is still cached, shown in image three, the url first time (before opening after the rules (mentioned above) added, url takes above 500ms every time, but after caching it takes 2ms, even after pruge (shown in image2), also tried purge everything.


So I am stuck with purge does not work at all after having such a rule (Image#1)

Purge Everything is a very big hammer and will remove everything from the cache, regardless of Page Rules.

If you look at your Image #2, it says that Willdcards are not supported in Custom Purge.

Yes, purge works for multiple urls (array in case of API) but not for wildcard. Thanks

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