Cloudflare cache preventing WPForms submittal

We are experiencing an issue that seems to be related to WPForms and Cloudflare. Cloudflare cache seems to be preventing WPForms submittal. We use Cloudflare to help with site caching as none of the plugins we tried seemed to help this site. The last form entry in WPForms was from 10/9/23 (aside from the 3 today that went through when Cloudlflare was in Development Mode which bypasses caching). We tested the form before disabling cache on Cloudflare and received the error message “The form was unable to submit. Please contact the site administrator.” All plugins/themes are up to date.

Because the 3 tests went through today when Cloudflare caching was disabled, we believe maybe a setting has changed since 10/9/23 that is not allowing WPForms to be sent.

We don’t know if this could be related to the current WebSockets issue or not.

Try to replicate the problem and check your browser’s console: do you see any JS errors or additional details about the error?

Turn on WordPress debugging. Check your webserver and WordPress logs.

There have to be some more details to the error than what you see on-screen while submitting the form.

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