Cloudflare Cache Not Serving Static Files for Custom Domain

I have a custom domain enabled with a proxy ( in Cloudflare, which points to an origin server hosted on Currently, all static files are served from the Cloudflare cache.

I also have another custom domain ( that points to However, all static files for this domain are served from the origin server, not from the Cloudflare cache.

We have tried setting up Cache Rules for “” to ensure static files are served from the cache, but they are still being served from the origin.

Could you help resolve this issue? I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Can I get help on this request? We are really experiencing the delay on loading page.

I am trying to set up the Page/Cache rules on the custom domain level. But still it is not working.

This redirects to location: is not proxied, so nothing passes through Cloudflare after the initial connection is made.

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