Cloudflare cache making my site look different

Hey guys just wanted to share I found the solution, you have to go in WordPress settings, then to pages and adjust settings for oceanwp

Hi, the problem seems to come and go, I thought that was the solution but I think the issue is corrilated with Cloudflare, because when I purge cache and then check out my site a few hours later, it looks to be fine but then after more hours or a day it looks bad again, I notice this when I change something in the elementor editor and update mostly

Then you update something in your website while CF serves from cache and without purging cache, CF won’t fetch new changes automatically.

You need to ad Page Rule for those resources to bypass the cache if they are gonna change frequently.

What kind of page rule do you recommend for a blog that edits posts on elementor and posts frequently?

You need to find those static resources yourself (probably look just for CSS files). Actually elementor should not change them, but as you say, it does.

The easy way is totally disabling cache on CSS. This example disables cache for everything (I’m not sure how to disable it just for CSS maybe ***/*.css):


Cache level Bypass
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is this good?

This is purging cache on your server side. You also need to bypass CF cache when it is the source of problem.

It is good if it works.


This was the solution if anyone else has the same problem

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