Cloudflare cache making my site look different

Hello, I contacted my hosting company and they noticed that Cloudflare caching was the source that was causing my website to look different. However, I do not know which settings to adjust, anyone has experienced this and can help?

Start by purging cache. What is your domain?

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Hello, I have tried this but issue still persists, and it’s only on the mobile version that the menu and footer are different looking than in elementor. The site itself on the desktop is a little slower for other users compared to when I use it on the desktop

And thank you for your reply

Is it OK now or you experience issues? If there is a problem send screenshot of it and share the domain name.

can you give screenshot of how it suppose to look like? if it dosent let you upload here just upload anywhere else like

doesn’t work

It seems that is a local issue to you.

Basically it should look like the desktop version but in smaller size, How do I share the photo’s properly?

So my website looks fine for you?

its seems that your website has 2 designs, one for desktop and one for mobile…
when browsing your site with mobile phone it loads the “mobile version”

This is correct, I have responsive website enabled, so it is adjusted for all devices

yap your desktop site is responsive, but you also have mobile version which is not

you can see proof for that in the html classes like in your body tag:




How do I make it responsive?
I have responsive turned on in elementor

you will need to contact elementor support or whoever is in your technical side

Ok, so I don’t need to worry about cloudflare being the source of the problem correct?

if you disable cloudflare the problem persist?

testing now, but see no difference yet