CloudFlare Cache + LiteSpeed Cache?

Hi everyone,

I’m using Cloudflare for WordPress based web and I’m getting everything cache with Cloudflare.

Do I need to cache at the server level using the LiteSpeed Cache plugin?

Yes, that’s handy because it lets Wordpress pre-render the pages for quicker delivery to Cloudflare. You just have to be mindful of where your caches are if something isn’t updating for your visitors.

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litespeed cache - actually does 2 caching functions

  1. static file cache
  2. dynamic cache i.e. PHP for guests

So also let litespeed do it’s caching as dynamic PHP cache isn’t handled by Cloudflare by default unless you’re on Cloudflare Business plan or higher and can use bypass cache on cookie (guest dynamic cache) when combined with cache everything page rule which would do guest cache and then use CF Business plan’s railgun to cache dynamic content for logged in users.

So with absence of CF Business plan, Litespeed cache + Cloudflare, you get benefits of guest caching at Litespeed web server level for dynamic PHP requests + static assets and Cloudflare to CDN accelerate the static asset caching.


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