Cloudflare cache isn't clearing the Newspaper Mobile theme after update a post

I’m using the Newspaper theme with mobile theme by TagDiv on WordPress, along with the Cloudflare WordPress plugin APO to enhance performance. However, I’ve encountered an issue: whenever I update any post, the changes are only visible on the desktop version of my site and not on mobile devices. The cache is cleared from the desktop theme version but not from the mobile theme version. As a result, the old version continues to display on mobile until the default browser TTL (Time To Live) expires, requiring me to wait for the cache to refresh.

Here is My site url:

Is the problem related to the browser cache or the edge cache? APO cannot clear browser cache for you.

sorry i ment after default edge TTL (Time To Live) expires, the post gets updated on mobile devices.

sorry i ment after default edge TTL (Time To Live) to expires.
previouly this problem was on both desktop and mobile, then i tried with cloudflare wordpress plugin with Auto Purge Content On Update tuned on. this solves the issue for desktop version but not for mobile. now if i disable mobile theme, it will show fresh content both desktop and mobile. but for performace i have to use mobile theme.