Cloudflare cache is not being cleared even though had past max-age

Lately i am having problem with some of the page on my website. The problem is that the cache is not being cleared even though it has past the max-age. It does not happen all the time, only occacionaly and so far it seems on different pages.
This website is on wordpress and is using plugin " Super Page Cache for Cloudflare".

I have tried to purge the cache through cloudflare by using the custom purge and the specific URL, but it does not clear the cache. The only solution is to use ‘Purge Everything’.

here is the example header of the page that is having the problem (before purge).

Appreciate if anyone can help me troubleshoot this.

After further checking i believe the max-age is ok and nothing is wrong. But the actual problem is on ‘custom purge’ which is not working.

The wordpress plugin supposed to purge the necessary page when a post is updated. It did purge but the cache was not cleared.

Trying purging the URL manually through cloudflare dashboard also does not clear the cache, unless i use the “purge everything” option.

And just today, Cloudflare acknowledge the incident (maybe someone on the paid plan report it to support) “Increased Cache Purging failures”

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