Cloudflare Cache Hitting a Far Region Always from India

Hi, everyone. I am using cloudflare free tier with my websites for dns and cdn. When ever I tested ping to my domain I am always getting over 140ms from India. My webserver is in india. So I used key cen tools to check the header of my website and all requests are hitting CF cache from the nearest data centre with TTFB below 100, except India. Requests from India is mostly hitting FRA or AMS with TTFB over 400 ms. It only happens to my websites using cloudflare proxy. I have a GitHub page which is using cloudflare dns only does not have this issue. Also also does not have this issue, and I have tested a subdomain which also does not have this issue, but as soon as I proxy the domain through a custom domain it causes the problem again. Interestingly, when I use a vpn and connect from Nepal the ping goes to below 50ms. But if I connect from anywhere in india it goes back up to 140-160 ms. I don’t understand why this happens. Below screenshot is probably after 100th time I have done this test🙂.