Cloudflare Cache Everything with Adsense

I have set the page rule (cache everything) for getting CF cache status HIT. I have successfully done that but after doing so it appears as if the Adsense earnings have dropped. Although the impressions are not affected CTR and CPC seems to drop. Can you help regarding that?
The page rules that I use are given in the screenshot.

Adsense is not affected in any way because it’s loaded asynchronously with the help of JS.

What’s the duration of the analytics data you are looking at?


When I switch it on I see the earnings to drop for a day. You are right Maybe I should look for a week to get the right idea.

Now, after a week, what kind of stats are you getting?

I checked your site, and ads load fine (from G domains).

I would suggest you to read a few articles about placing ads on the website so users are not affected that much.
For example, in the header there’s a square ad taking too much height, but with an empty space on the sides.
Rectangular only type ad would be much better, and more content could be seen on first glance. :slight_smile:

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I had to switch off Cache everything.


Just heads up your page rules inthe screenshot are out of order, rule #3 will never fire because rule #2 takes precedence.

Also for Adsense as @cyBerManIA mentioned, unless you are doing something really abnormal, adsense is being loaded by a 3rd party domain which your rules will have no impact on (except standard caching of js which behaves the same whether standard caching or cache everything is enabled). Understand you changed the setting, but don’t think it is having an actual impact.



On @anon13899255 @cyBerManIA and @OliverGrant suggestion I am giving it a go. I will inform what happens in two to three days.


Looks good to me now. Hopefully, it should work better.

@anon13899255 can you check my website

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As far I could check, it appears correct to me.

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