Cloudflare cache everything interfering WP admin?

I am using cache everything function.

Yesterday I tried to add Cloudflare plugin to my site as I thought I could use APO for Wordpress. It turns out that you can’t use it with WP Rocket, which I use currently. So I deactivated Cloudflare plugin right away, without using it.

After that weird things started happening. Whereas I already deactivated it, I kept seeing “Cloudflare and WP Rocket plugins aren’t compatible” message for a while. It showed “deactivate Cloudflare” button, but the button wasn’t working. So I went to the server and deleted the Cloudflare plugin folder using FTP manager.

After that, my WP dashboard stopped updating. When I open an old post from dashboard and try to edit it, it’s just endless hourglass most of the time. When I can edit, it lets me hit “publish” button. However, once I leave the page and try to come back to it from dashboard, the updates are gone. The actual URL seems to reflect updates, I just cannot see it on my dashboard.

In addition, when I try to hit “purge cache” from WP Rocket plugin, I get “The link you followed has expired.” error. It happens when I try to do other things.

So I followed this:

After that, I can do some things I couldn’t do before, such as editing a post I created today (after I started having problems). But I still cannot see the updates on my older posts, I cannot use plug-in functions etc. Is there anything else I can do to make WP dashboard work again?

Just FYI, I had my server people test the same thing. They say they can do it on their end. Thank you