Cloudflare cache-control times

Hi Team,

I had a query regarding the cache-control times on Cloudflare. My website uses woff2 font file. Now, I can see that CF is caching the file with “cache-control:max-age=31536000”, but in the .htaccess file of my server, it shows the following.

ExpiresByType font/woff2 “access plus 4 months”

As per the access file, it should be 4 months while it is actually taking the time as 1 year.

Am I missing anything? Why is there a difference in expire times? Why is CF is not picking up .htaccess time?

Ayush Pandya

Do you have any page rules that set any cache times? Edge or client?

I have Cache everything rule : https://my_domain_name/*

The Browser Cache TTL under the “Caching” Tab of CF is set to “Respect Existing headers”.

Also, I am using a plugin that sets the HTML page cache TTL as 86400. Cloudflare Cache-Control max-age: 86400 (This is working fine)


Any input on this?