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For my domain,, for some reason the main CA is Let’s Encrypt. I love that Let’s Encrypt provides a dedicated common name, however I want to know how to change it back to Cloudflare’s Digicert SSL. I am not saying I want it changed immediately, I just want to know how since I like Let’s Encrypt a lot.

Cloudflare switches between CAs. If you want to permanently switch to Digicert, you would need to subscribe to the Advanced Certificate Manager feature for $10/month.

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Then would the CA change back to Digicert in a few days or is it one year at a time (Let’s Encrypt for this year, Digicert the next year).

It’s Digicert for as long as you keep ACM. You choose your provider when you first set up ACM.

I know that, but I was just asking if you don’t use ACM (advanced certificate manager) would it change back to Digicert in a few days an change back or is it Let’s Encrypt for a whole year and Digicert for the next year.

As I said:

There are no guarantees on which cert your site will end up with when it comes up for renewal.

Okay thank you, marked as solved :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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