Cloudflare Business

I’ve looked at upgrading to Cloudflare business multiple times but struggling to justify it to myself?

The features between Pro and Business are almost none existent and certainly not enough to justify the 900% premium cost from Pro to Business.

I constantly feel like Cloudflare need to beef up the business package. Got some ideas below:

  • Network Prioritization
  • Control over bot management (unable to whitelist certain URLs or IPs); I think this is called Advanced bot Management that’s available for enterprise at an additional cost
  • Cloudflare for Saas on Business currently has the same number of free hostnames (100) as the free version of Cloudflare? how does that make sense?
  • WAF control over custom hostnames
  • Enable/Disable bot management for individual custom hostnames
  • Dedicated SSL to be included

Most of the value of a business plan comes from the viewpoint of a business that handles transactions or needs well-defined support response goals - you get PCI DSS compliance (attestation) and a proper, severity-based support SLA.

It’s an add-on product - plan is pretty much irrelevant. Enterprise is only categorised differently since there is no ‘add-on’ for Enterprise, everything is tailor made in your contract.

Is this still relating to Cloudflare for SaaS? All of your zones will get your fallback’s WAF - but I guess you could be referring to hostname specific which is Enterprise only.

Is this referring to Advanced Certificate Manager?

More configuration over (Super) Bot Fight Mode is definitely something that could be improved on.

I assume all custom hostnames (Cloudflare for Saas) also get PCI compliance and SLA support if you are on the business plan? not just the primary domain?

By virtue of your plan, yes.

The SSL for SaaS customers wouldn’t have a support entitlement with Cloudflare, you would be the host of their application and by proxy you would be the one who can contact support.

Attestation I presume still through yourself as the application host - regarding the minimum TLS version of 1.1, I’m not sure if it’ll inherit your zone or if it’s a per-hostname behaviour.

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