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Hi All,

We bought the Business package for cloudflare, but when i log in to cloudflare, we do not have access to the “pro” features.

How can this be? Isn’t the pro features included in the bus package? must i downgrade to use the tools?

Is there a number where I can call support to get help on these issues?

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Business includes everything of Pro. What does your subscription status say?



But, when i click on the speed tab, Polish and MIrage says, upgrade to pro.

So, something did not work right on my profile?


I’d drop them an email.


thx sandro, busy with support.

The issue is (user stupidity):
Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)

Some issue with dns still, but sure we will figure it out. :wink:


No worries, if I had a cent for every time I missed something, I’d be partying with Bezos and TheZuck :wink:

I am sure this will get sorted out in the next few hours and should there be still an issue, I am sure they will fix it quickly if you drop them an email. With a $200 plan I guess you are among the more welcome users :sunglasses:

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