Cloudflare Bulk Redirect and my Domain Name Registration Site

For my client’s site I’m managing (a domain-registration web-hosting company)


For that I’m using Cloudflare “Bulk Redirect” feature. To forward non-http and www. URLs to main site

My domain is naked url:

I’ve created 3 redirect rules in the list of Cloud-flare “Bulk Redirect”. Those 301 redirects are as follows:* to** to** to*

Here’ while redirecting from to I’m seeing the following path:

  1. 301 redirect from to
  2. 301 redirect from to
  3. 202 status

My question is: If I’ve instructed the redirect path to be: to (in Bulk Redirect feature), then why it is returning additional 301 redirect (as shown in point number 2 above.)

How to directly redirect from to without hitting https://www?

I guess * doesnt work in bulk redirect secondly use the options. Then don’t mention http or Https then it eill automatically apply for both


I tried to remove /* and set direct URL, but same results are returend.

Let me tell, I had same issue so what I didn’t mention Https or http then use to

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Okay, this one thing is working:

I added: (without http and withouth https) and redirected to

Now I see only single 301 redirect: redirecting to

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