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Hey. I’m a big fan of the cloudflare services however. Is there a way to use the dns servers from a different country as opposed to the closest one to you?

As someone from the country x. Who don’t trusts the country y. All the traffic is still directed to y.

You can’t change the routing, but as long as you use verified HTTPS connections you’ll be fine.


Cloudflare will always proxy traffic through the closest Cloudflare center to the visitor’s location!

Then why would I use cloudflares dns when I can use any other lol

Your question is not clear I am afraid. Maybe switch to DoH.

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Well, the same I could say, but unfortunately it’s due to my ISP’s peering :sweat_smile:

From :croatia: but my ISP has a specific peer and depending which IP I’ve been served with (DHCP) that day (from a few IP ranges), I remember I was connectiong over neighbour :bulgaria: or :romania: instead over a Cloudflare in :croatia: (by checking the /cdn-cgi/trace/ path or either using WARP on my PC)

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You made a typo

Yeah that’s confusing

And yet

You contradicted yourself it looks like, I’m not trying to be offensive or rude, just saying you are contradicting yourself here!

Whether a country is trustworthy or not can certainly be debated, but that’s unfortunately off-topic for here.

As for your question, no you can’t change the routing and there is no substantial issue with Cloudflare’s Bulgarian datacenter either. If you don’t trust it, it’s best to use other services.


Again, we are rather off-topic at this point.

But what exactly is your concern?

Cloudflare build POPs, not Datacenters. And they will put a POP as close to the end users as possible to get the best user experience.

If a Government wants to snoop on traffic, they can listen on the wire if the traffic goes to a POP in the same country, or if it has to leave the country to get elsewhere.

That is the only thing that really matters. What is the risk you are trying to mitigate?

Are you talking about Authoritative DNS or the Public Resolver?

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All right, the forum here is for technical discussions related to Cloudflare, not for political views

Sorry, closing.