Cloudflare bug? CF redirects my "A records" to my older server's IP

I’ll try to explain my situation;

When “@” (and “www”) A record of one of my domains is proxied (orange cloud), Cloudflare redirects its visitors (those who type and on their browsers) to the older IP address of my older server (not the one I currently defined under A records),

and because I removed that domain of mine from my older server, so it isn’t hosted there anymore, but because Cloudflare still redirects visitors there, they simply get 404 error page.

However when the cloud is gray (unproxied), all the requests go to the correct IP address (the one that those records currently have)

Any idea what’s going on?

Tried purging all, tried removing the domain and re-adding it again into Cloudflare, nothing helped. I even never added that old server IP of mine into A records, but weirdly, CF NS’s redirect my users to that IP when it’s orange clouded.

Any idea would be much appreciated.

Hi there!

I’m sorry about the DNS trouble. It sounds like you were previously using a SaaS provider similar to this FAQ:

The end result is your domain will still route to the old provider when the record is :orange: Proxied.

If those steps don’t work, please open a ticket via the dashboard or support AT cloudflare DOT com and let us know which domain you’re having issue with.


Hello mr cf-scott.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I have never used any SaaS platform in the past (not even once)

My older server was a simple, Plesk server with a single public IP.

I then set a new server from an another dedicated server hosting provider, and moved my domain’s DNS’ to Cloudflare. (My domain was not even on Cloudflare before, when it was hosted by the prior server)

I’m going to send you an email about the domain I’m having issue with.

Is there anything else that I could try?

Many thanks once again,

Also share the Ticket ID here so that someone here will escalate it if you are a free user

Thanks for sharing , Some one here will escalate it as soon as possible

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Thank you for sharing the ticket number. I’ve escalated this.

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Hello again,

Thanks for the ticket #. I’ve replied there.


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