Cloudflare browser verification stuck

The title is pretty much self explanatory, when accessing websites using cloudflare’s browser verification, the verification just goes on forever, changing ray ID every few seconds. I was using chrome, I tried opera, firefox. I tried disabling all my chrome extensions, tried my phone using both chrome and Mozilla. The only way I can get it to work is by using 4g so I’m assuming its something to do with my internet. I’ve seen a few people on here with the same problem, wifi goes out for a bit and now they cant get past the verification. But I am yet to see a solution to this that isn’t “I got a new MacBook”. Would really appreciate any help.

Does any other network work? Have you tried you computer on another Wi-Fi?

It might be that your IP has a bad reputation, for some reason. Not sure there are many solutions to that, you might have to wait or change the IP.

I’ve tried switching from the 5ghz bandwidth to the 2.4 but im guessing that doesn’t really qualify as another wifi does it? I’ve used 4g on my phone and that works. And I was able to access these websites like… 3 days ago I think. The internet just went out for like 2 mins one day and then I stopped being able to get past the verification. Making my phone into a hotspot for my laptop (using the same home network) works but i dont get why the network itself doesnt.

This all confirms that my assumption was correct. Can you try and restart your modem/router? It might get you another IP, and it might solve it. Otherwise you just might have to wait.

I actually did restart my router after using 4g worked cause I assumed it must be the internet. But after it came back on it still wouldn’t work. What do I have to wait for? A new IP? Isn’t there a way to change my IP?

That is something you need to ask your ISP.

Alright. And is there nothing else that occurs at the moment? Cause the verification was fine a few days ago. You reckon my IP changed and that’s what caused it?

Yeah, probably…

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