Cloudflare BROKEN dashboard stuff

email tab just constantly throws errors. can’t actually enter anything.


I’m getting the same issues. It was working fine a few hours ago, but now I’m completely unable to access the email dashboard section. It just gives API errors.

Are you still facing this error? I can’t recreate it.

I’m seeing it:

Yrs, I’m still getting it as well. It’s an API GET error for sure but it disappears before I can screenshot it. I’ll try again in the morning when I’m at my computer.

Actually just tried again and was able to catch the error.

Here’s a screenshot of the error this morning. I get this one and the one I showed above. Currently, the dashboard doesn’t load at all, where yesterday, it would load, but all of the fields where you’d see your aliases and any other email related data would just say that something went wrong, please try again later.

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I can confirm this as well.


Sent this to the team :slight_smile:


This is now being tracked here: Cloudflare Status - Email Routing Issues


Looks like it’s working for me now. Thanks!

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