Cloudflare broke one of my pages

Hello! I’m really new to all this website building, so it is probably my fault, but.
The translated version of my landing page turned into symbols after I connected my website with Cloudflare.


Please tell me what I can do to fix this

Thank you!

I’m not seeing gibberish, but it looks like missing CSS. I see it looks like you’re using WP Fastest Cache (I do, too), but there seems to be a mixup with CSS and JS files.

I don’t have WPFC do the minifying/optimizing of CSS and JS files, so I turn those off, and let Cloudflare’s Speed settings page take care of this.

For now, I’d recommend that you hit that “Clear all CSS/JS/Cache” in WPFC, then clear Cloudflare’s cache (Purge Everything) and see if that helps.

Thank you, sdayman! The problem was a combination of this and Far Future Expiry Header plugin gone rogue. problem with FFEH I found pretty quickly from cPanel error logs, but figuring out what you told me by myself would have taken me easily over 2 hours. And it was already 3am. So thank you, you really helped me out!

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