Cloudflare broke my site breaks after I update my name servers to Cloudflare’s.
I added other sites, and they all seem to be working fine.
Any idea what might be going on? I can’t get help from Cloudflare as I’m on the free plan. I can’t really upgrade to paid until I know it’s going to work.

You don’t seem to have a record for the naked domain and the www record seems to use an incorrect address. Check your DNS records and that they point to the right server, as well as your encryption mode, that it is Full Strict.

Interesting. I wonder why this site’s A record wasn’t added. I did add it and it seems to have fixed the site. When you say the www record is an incorrect address, what do you see? Also, where do I set to full strict? I appreciate the help!

As for www, there was an error before, but you seemingly fixed that.

Full Strict needs to be set at

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