Cloudflare broke my site but I need to use it

I installed Cloudflare on a site last week since they need custom NS records for subdomains and Bluehost doesn’t do that (grr - they told me they did). So they have to have it, but it’s messing up their entire site. Monster Insights won’t load because of a Javascript error. I use the Divi theme and the Divi visual builder isn’t loading correctly. They keep getting intermittent 525 SSL handshake errors. I’ve never had this happen with a Cloudflare site so am a bit flummoxed. I disabled the plugins and that didn’t help.

I have most of Cloudflare’s features turned off - I mainly just need the NS records. Has anyone had this happen before? Please help!

If you grey-cloud the DNS entries, the traffic won’t proxy through Cloudflare at all. Have you tried that?

If the DNS entries are already grey-clouded and you’re still having issues then it’s unlikely to be a Cloudflare issue because in that scenario Cloudflare is only answering DNS queries, it isn’t touching the traffic in any way.

I haven’t, but thanks. Fixed the 525 SSL handshake issue - that was on Bluehost’s end. Now we’re having issues with Javascript loading. Would grey-clouding help with that?

When the DNS entries are grey-clouded the traffic will not pass through Cloudflare’s network at all, which is useful for determining if an issue is actually related to Cloudflare or not. After flipping a DNS entry from orange to grey or vice versa, be sure to wait at least 5 minutes before doing any testing or you could get inconsistent results.

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