Cloudflare broke my emails

After setting up cloudflare our Zoho emails stopped working. Godaddy has the domain, awardspace hosts the website and we use zoho email service.

All was working before we used cloudflare to secure the site. I’m spinning my wheels trying to figure this out.

I’m a novice when it comes to this. Godaddy doesn’t list the dns records after moving the site to Awardspace only the nameservers which are cloudflare.

Where to start?

Here’s an email tutorial:

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I sort of figured it out. So I created the MX records and pointed them to zoho and it works.

However I am slightly concerned about the “a mx” record on cloudflare. It is listing some IP in bulgaria. no clue what that is. Also there is an a record with “” with the cloudflare IP I guess. This has a warning that it is exposing your origin IP and to click the cloud.

SHould I just delete both of these?

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You can delete that record if it is not used for something in your zone. For… mail handling for example.

But that’s something only you could know.

It’s exposing the servers IP because it is set to :grey:
And that’s necessary, because Cloudflare doesn’t proxy SMTP, IMAP and co.

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