Cloudflare breaks one of my websites

I’m testing a few sites with Cloudflare, one of my sites when Cloudflare is “enabled” (overview page) it breaks my website, can someone tell me or point me to where I can get related info. the websites are all Wordpress sites on the same server, they all have very similar DNS records. I’ve even disabled all the plugins, the site still didn’t work. I have tried accessing the website from different browsers even on another computer and a mobile device… nothing worked.

The message I get is:
There was a problem loading this website
Try refreshing the page
if the site sill doesn’t load, please ty again in a few minutes

Do you have access to an error log on the server?

delete the cache of your webhosting proxy like Varnish, LiteSpeed… delete the cache of Cloudflare and delete the cache of your browser and try it again.

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thx for the input!
I have cleared all caches (Cloudflare, memcached on my server)
I have looked at my server logs (firewall, httpd) even Wordpress debug, I really don’t think my Cloudflare proxied domain “” is hitting my server. I did a trace I keep getting this ip which has nothing to do with my server nor Cloudflare

Verify that your A and/or AAAA record(s) are correct. Disable proxying until you’re able to reach the server. I wonder if it’s hitting your server, but the vhost configuration isn’t directing it to the correct wordpress target. Is fail2ban running on the server? It’s possible it may have banned all connections from Cloudflare if it wasn’t configured to look at the X-Forwarded-For header.

that’s the funny part (not ha ha) if I disable Cloudflare proxy the website works, and 3 other sites I’m testing also work with the proxy on… only the web fails when proxied.

Does your Wordpress configuration for that site include any kind of firewall-like plugin that may have decided to block Cloudflare?

Does anyone know if Bot Fighting Mode stops the Googlebot and Bing Bot from crawling the website. I am facing the issue on

thanks everyone for their input, but I’ve given up on Cloudflare.

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Looks like you’re having the same issue that I am having. Your domain directs to NameCheap Hosting, but Cloudflare is directing your domain name to GCP, perhaps Shopify’s servers? Did you previously host this website with Shopify? If so, you need to contact them, and get them to disconnect the custom domain name. Good luck, this can be painful.

The way I had this explained is as follows:

Cloudflare for SaaS overrides most other Cloudflare configurations due to certificate & hostname priority. This should not be an issue as the SaaS provider should remove the custom hostname when you stop using their service.

This issue appears to be because the custom hostname was not removed.

Good luck!

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