Cloudflare breaks communication with prestashop modules

I just enabled cloudflare for my prestashop site.
But, external websites that communicate with my shop like Boxtal (shipping) or NetReviews (customers reviews) loose the communication.
Servers of this companies uses webservices to get and put data on my store.
Can you help me to configure cloudflare to make communication working again ?

Thanks for your help.

Sorry, the community can’t change your Cloudflare configuration on-behalf.

Can you check if there’s any firewall events triggered?

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I checked, no event triggered related to this services.

Possible to ask them for the error message they see when they are trying to connect to your website?

I ask them how their customer configure cloudflare to make servers communicating, they said that usually it is necessary to add a firewall exception for boxtal cluster.
I will try tonight, but as i don’t have any entry in the firewall logs, i don’t know if it’s really a firewall issue…
Let’s test and we will see !

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I disabled the firewall : still the issue
I disabled also the proxy : still the issue

I don’t know what is blocking…

I get some feedback of the modules editors :
There is a 307 error in http requests originated from servers to my prestashop webshop.

I have tried several things but still cannot find the solution.
Were you able to resolve the problem?
Thanks for your help and reply.

do you have same issue ?
Are you using prestashop or same providers ?
Do you use multishop ?
what is your hoster ?

I didn’t solve it. I’m in touch with support to debug that ; support ask me to enable cloudflare BUT if I enable their services my shop does not work ! It’s complicated.

Thank you for your reply!
I am having the same problem, I am using woocommerce and I have only one site.
My host is French, I use O2Switch. My host tells me that the problem is not their side.

Ok ! me too, my hoster is O2switch.
They told me the same : if it works from their side with their DNS, so the issue is Cloudflare.
Facile non ?
After several tests, I suspect there is an issue with the “source domain” assigned to customer ; I mean because i don’t know really how it is used…

Ah ok, I’m at O2Switch because they are very responsive, they respond quickly to technical issues.
Indeed, I think it is an ip address problem. The only thing that I have offered is to cancel cloudflare and keep O2Switch’s DNS.
It is true that the problem does not come from O2Switch but from cloudflare.

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