Cloudflare breaking my website layout

Hey guys, Cloudflare is breaking my website layout nowadays! Never happened it before. How to solve it? I now try to pause cloudflare most of the time as its causing this error! And yeah I have tested when I enable cloudflare this happens when I pause it , sit get back to normal. The whole site being broken in different parts. new users can’t add more than one media that’s why I am giving one image.

i am also including some images.

waiting for valid solution , after that I will enable cloudflare again.

What’s the domain?

is it safe to share the domain name here? moreover, I just pause Cloudflare on the site as I don’t want visitors to see those broken pages and posts. Some other images.

in this image the table of content got broken and doesn’t work when I click any of the text, also that’s not the actual format.

Sharing the domain name is ok, your email address, origin IP, credit card number, phone number, and other personally identifiable information is discouraged and will be {redacted} if flagged.

It sounds like you maybe had an issue with mixed content? Dunno the screen grabs are not very telling. About mixed content - If the SSL :ssl: isn’t showing correctly, that is often a case of mixed content on your page. If some of the content that is loading is not HTTPS there will be problems. Please check out this KB article for some helpful tips:

How do I fix the SSL Mixed Content Error Message?

With the site paused, not knowing the error message/number you were seeing, and not knowing the name it is really impossible to diagnose.


the domain name is -

SSL isn’t an issue I guess and doesn’t have mixed content either. I checked with an online website. You can also run in the chrome dev tool.

I have enabled Cloudflare again in order for you can check it.

I’m seeing a lot of 403 (Forbidden access) errors. If you don’t see any of these in the Firewall log here, you’ll have to check with your host why these are blocked.

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My hosting provider is a total idiot , I just switched to twenty twenty default theme, gonna install my previous theme again , fresh install … then I will check again these things. and will inform my hosting provider.

I will give update, please kindly reply next time too. Im really in mess for last couple of weeks now.

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I reinstalled the theme again, still same. And also inform the hosting provider, he asks to give him your phone number.

How unprofessional people are in the field. And he said it’s work of a developer’s , server is fine.


I am also having issues with Cloudflare using Joomla. It looks like Cloudflare could be much too complicated.

I like the fact that it provides some kind of protection as I’ve had another site of mine hacked before.

THese days everything is race to the bottom and I want to get out of IT all together.

@user1355 Please re-enable the site on Cloudflare so I can see if I get the error

Just by that I can tell the site is paused on Cloudflare, and it’ll need to be re-enabled so I can troubleshoot the issue (so I can see if I get the error)

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