Cloudflare breaking my Joomla gantry 5 site?


I have a joomla installation and it is giving me problems (attached screenshot).

The developers at rocket themes are saying that it looks like cloudflare is breaking my site.

Does anyone have any idea what I should be doing here?

I also attached screenshot of my cloudflare DNS settings

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That domain is not using Cloudflare. It’s using A2 name servers and points directly to an A2 hosting server.

Yes you are correct

That’s because the developer of the theme I am using told me He can’'t help me if cloudflare is being used

He said it’s “breaking my site”

DO you have any suggestions without looking at it at all?

It’s a new install of Joomla 3.10.3

Not without looking. But I just looked, and your site is broken. Cloudflare can’t fix broken sites. Once you get it up and running with HTTPS, there should be no problem proxying it through Cloudflare.

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It was at least loading before I took it off from cloudflare

This is crazy!

I dont want to stay in IT anymore. I am going to become a yoga teacher! :slight_smile: \

Race to the bottom everywhere.

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