Cloudflare bot?


my server access log got a lot bot access,label as bingbot/2.0, but they are all using cloudflare ip,nearly thousands of them。are these cloudflare bot or just someone using Scraping Tools/seo tool with cloudflare ip? does anyone know how to stop them access my site? thanks!!!

:face_in_clouds: new to cloudflare

That is because you are not rewriting IP addresses.

As for whether this really is Microsoft, the majority probably not. If you are on a paid plan, you can enable WAF which has a special rule to block requests which pretend to be search engines.

Otherwise you could set up a firewall rule of that sort.

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but it will block bingbot as well ? mod_cloudflare is not installed,i use censys to check the ip , but it didnot show the really ip behind cloudflare ip - Host Summary - Censys

thanks :face_in_clouds:

Well, bing hopefully does not pretend to be bing :slight_smile:

You don’t need mod_cloudflare but mod_remoteip.

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thanks, i will install mod_remoteip and try to block them by ip。

is it cloudflare down for 8hours last night? i use uptimerobot to monitor my site, it shows 8hours down time? :pensive:

Cloudflare was all right, maybe there were issues with your local PoP, but it’s unlikely that was for eight hours. If it showed downtime, then your server was most probably not reachable.

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