Cloudflare Bot Management - Incorrect VPN classification

Cloudflare has incorrectly classified my home internet ISP provider (AT&T) as a VPN. This has caused multiple issues with various websites that use Cloudflare’s bot management solution. I’ve had to contact multiple website owners to get them to allowlist my IP or undo whatever Cloudflare has done. Several website owners have told me that my IP did not have a country code associated which is strange because it did previously. AT&T’s PTR record clearly shows what region of the US I’m coming from.
It’s become a giant problem at this point because of Cloudflare’s misinterpretation of my home IP as something bad country, or vpn user, when in reality I simply use DNS filtering. While I am a Cloudflare customer at home, I do not own or need their bot management solution and it has become “whack-a-mole” in contacting various website owners, hence my posting here on Cloudflare’s community page. I pray that someone at Cloudflare will see this post and assist me with this systemic problem.

Several websites who I’ve had issues with: (resolved with site owner) (resolved with site owner)

Anyway, Cloudflare needs a way for folks to report this kind of stuff. If this results in no response from Cloudflare, then I’m forced to start emailing Cloudflare registrar contact and executives on LinkedIn.

Please help Cloudflare!

A couple RAY IDs to get you started:
Cloudflare Ray ID: 83e3765849c82c98
Cloudflare Ray ID: 83e376d749856b7f

Cloudflare uses a 3rd party (MaxMind) for geolocation. They have a correction from on their website i believe.


Thanks. I submitted my IPv4 address to Maxmind because their website shows my IPv4 as “not in database”. Interestingly, my IPv6 address shows correct Geolocation data.

I still would like Cloudflare’s help to get rid of the VPN flagging.

Possible to use other VPN detection service such as IP2Proxy in Cloudflare?

I dont know where Cloudflare gets their data but I have to assume they’re the source of the one mislabeling me.

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