Cloudflare Bot management for a newbie

Hey all, I use CloudFlare Pro with Kinsta and was just speaking to Kinsta about my visitor count being quite high, and they provided this screenshot of Bot traffic to my site in the last 24 hours:

Is there a ‘setting’ I should be using which would prevent the non-Google/Bing ones accessing or should I be adding individual rules to block ones such as MJ12bot (no idea what that is) and others not recognised?

Would be great to get some advise on what you guys would do here and which ones need to be blocked, and how?

You can use Firewall Rules to block anything that isn’t a “Known Bot”. That means bad bots on Cloudflare’s radar would be blocked. You can modify that rule to block any other bots by User Agent String, but it’s up to you to decide which other ones you don’t want.

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