Cloudflare Bot Fight Mode blocks WP-Rocket


I noticed that Cloudflare Bot Fight Mode will block WP-Rocket.
This can break the caching + css generation of the WP-rocket plugin for Wordpress.

A suggested solution is to whitelist the IP address, but this does not prevent Bot Fight Mode from blocking it. Only turning this mode off will allow CSS generation to work.

Is there a way to register this with Cloudflare so these requests are not blocked?

I am not sure how this happens, but kindly, try installing the official Cloudflare for WordPress plugin to pass the real IP addresses.

Or if you use WordFence, make sure to check the “CF-Connecting-IP”.

Could you have any other rules at Cloudflare Firewall which would block these requests?

Maybe the same as?:

I actually do have the official Cloudflare plugin installed. What do you mean with pass the real IP address?

I am pretty sure this is not another rule; as I have tested both enabling and disabling the Bot Fight mode.
Disabling it will allow WP Rocket CSS generation, enabling will block it again. This is consistent over multiple times.

So its fair to say this is the cause.

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