Cloudflare Bot Fight Mode blocks Printful syncing traffic

We keep having issues with syncing products on our website and Printful. Upon checking Security Traffic on Cloudflare we discovered is due to Bot Fight Mode being enabled. We wish not to deactivate this. I repeat: we do not wish to deactivate Bot Fight Mode at all.

Since Cloudflare’s Bot Fight Mode takes precedence over any Firewall rule, I asked Printul if they could provide us with a list of IP addresses to place them on Security → WAF → Tools. Printful response was, they could not provide it since their IPs are constantly changing (which seemed kind of logical).

I guess my main ask here is: Is there a way Cloudflare could please ignore Printful agents on the header and tag them NOT as Bots?


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I really appreciate the time for the long answer, but this is basically not possible. As I mentioned Printful does not have a list of static IPs we can use, nor do we want to disable SBFM. We disabled SBFM in the past and our server CPU went crazy. So, not disabling SBFM is the way for us to go.

I see this issue could be easily fixed if Cloudflare could just ignore Printful agents on the header and tag them NOT as Bots. Is there a higher power/ email contact to submit this request to Cloudflare management or something? I really find ridiculous SBFM seeing Printful headers as Bots!

Because never has an attacker spoofed the user agent or other headers… :sweat_smile:

Exceptions and tweaking the bot protection is only possible with the enterprise package (=$$$$$). There have been over a hundred posts similar to yours expressing frustration with SBFM.

Is it bad? Yes.
Will it change anytime soon? Nope.

@jnperamo The future looks grim then :sweat:

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