Cloudflare Bootstrap CSS conflicting with Theme

I’ve been having some issues with my site: columns being condensed, and sidebars forms that are blank.
Theme support said it was something with a different bootstrap version.
Elementor Pro support said it was Cloudflare Bootstrap CSS that is causing the issue.
I’m at a loss as to how to fix this. Please help.

What is Cloudflare Bootstrap CSS? Never heard of anything like this…

Might be the “Rocket Loader” feature. Could you try to disable it and see if anything different? :thinking:

Navigate to the Cloudflare dashboard → Speed → Optimization → Scroll down to find section “Rocket Loader” and toggle it off (grey).

Kindly, see below article which is realted to the Rocket Loader from my suggestion:

May I ask if you’re also using APO for WordPress from Cloudflare? :thinking:

Hi Fritex, thank you for responding. I’m not using APO. I did have the Rocket Loader toggled off.

Any clue as to what else it might be? is the APO something that you think might help with this?

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