Cloudflare + Bluehost Issues

We are using Bluehost for our Wordpress blogs and Shopify for our stores. Domain is through GoDaddy, and directed to Cloudflare (CDN), which in turn points to Bluehost and Shopify.

2 Weeks ago, everything was working. Sites were secure, had no errors, etc. We had it set up so that the blog was the sub-domain ( and the store was the main domain ( We changed this so that the blog now went to the main domain ( and the store went to a sub-domain (

Since making this change, nothing has worked right. The blog would not load, kept giving a misconfiguration warnings.


  • The IP address has changed.
  • There has been a server misconfiguration.
  • The site may have moved to a different server.

I should note that we have another site set up under the same Bluehost account on a sub-domain and it is working as expected with a FULL SSL certificate.

We finally troubleshooted down to that if I changed the SSL to “flexible”, it would load the blog with the SSL securing the pages, but it would cause a too many redirect message for the store.

I’m reaching out to see if anyone has seen this issue or knows how to resolve it using the existing host & Shopify. I’ve reached out to Shopify, but they are not confident that they can fix it, as the “fix” deals may be outside of what can be done (fix is here:

Any and all insight would be very much appreciated. This is beyond the scope of my knowledge and not sure who to ask specifically.

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