Cloudflare blocks wordpress xml sitemap

I have 3 websites in 3 different servers and have the same issue: Google can’t read XML Sitemap, error 403

If I change DNS from Cloudflare to another DNS server, Google can read. If I change back to Cloudflare, the issue happens again.

How can I know which option in Cloudflare page can affect to sitemap reading?

Check the Cloudlfare Firewall Events Log (firewall section of Cloudflare dashboard). It should tell you why that access is blocked.

I don’t use Google services, but my WordPress site passed this test:

I read many topics relevant and find no solution.

There’s no Firewall Rules in my CloudFlare option. And Firewall Events log has nothing about blocking Google. Weird!

Can I delete my domain out of CloudFlare and add it back again to disolve this issue?

I would not advise this. 1) Cloudflare generally remembers your site settings after a delete/add cycle, and 2) It’s better to figure out exactly why this is happening so it doesn’t happen again.

If there’s nothing in Cloudflare logs, then there should be something in your server log. A 403 event has to show up somewhere.

I have server admin to add CloudFlare IPs to whitelist and there’s still no result.
So I decide to turn off CloudFlare Proxied (grey cloud) temporarily

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