Cloudflare blocks Woocommerce REST API


Cloudflare is blocking all posts requests to woocommerce rest api for my site.
I test with curl, and the same request works flawlessly for other sites not running cloudflare.

I created a firewall rule and page rule, but it’s still not working, I’m getting an empty response with a 307 code.

Anyone knows what to do ?


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Have you got some Page Rules or Firewall active on Cloudflare dashboard plan for your domain/Website?
What for exactly do you need to use REST API of WooCommerce?
Do you use any Security/Firewall plugin?
Have you checked that you aren’t blocking your WordPress/WooCommerce’s REST API via functions.php or some plugin or even htaccess/nginx rules?

Have you got Bot Fight Mode enabled in Cloudflare Dashboard?

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Hi fritexvz

Bot Fight mode isn’t enabled, and I have no firewall or pages rules active.

I’m using the rest api to automate sales transfer between squarespace and a woocommerce website for a project, using (and I know the issue isn’t coming from them, as I tested them with the non-Cloudflare protected website).

I tried with all plugin deactived excepted woocommerce, and htaccess is the WP native one.

I’ve got the same problem since 19th - did you manage to find the solution?

Yes, drop Cloudflare. That’s the only thing I found.

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