Cloudflare blocks Woocommerce API

Hello, cloudflare is blocking read and post requests to woocommerce rest api for my website. There was a topic on that on this forum, however dropping cloudflare do not seems to be a solution so maybe somebody has some new ideas? I have already turned off almost everything that may be connected to api, including bot fight mode, entire firewall and catching. I have tried to use two integrations with my website and both of them get disconnected after a few minutes because of lost api connection.

Would be really glad if somebody could find a solution for that.

I also use WooCommerce, but I wonder how exactly does that happen at your Website?
What error you got?
Do you have some Firewall Rules or Managed WAF option enabled?
Any Firewall events?

Have you whitelisted/allowed your host origin/server IP address or bypass requests from it?

How does the URL look like? Any words or something that might be suspicious?

I try to use web app that connects with woocommerce via rest api. Connection is being lost a few minutes after every successful setup. I get error inside this app. Happened before with another one. I have no Firewall Rules and my firewall is set to “essentially off”. I have never created any rules.

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