Cloudflare Blocks Uploads Larger Than 1MB

I have several websites on my server. All run Cloudflare.

Over the last few days I have had customers saying they can’t upload any files larger than 1MB. I have tested extensively and have the servers Apache and PHP settings set correctly, and have verified that the OS is picking them up.

I have a WooCOmmerce on WordPress site at the root doamin A

I have a clone (Vaultpress Alternate Site Restore) running on A

The ONLY difference between the two site is one is running under a domain.

If I BYPASS Cloudflare (grey cloud) the uploads start working after about 10-15 minutes.

If I then turn it back on (Orange CLoud) its stops working about 10-15 minutes later and nothing over 1MB will upload.

THis also happens with the root

Cloudflare is blocking uploads to my site over 1MB.

Is there some way to get this fixed? If not I am going to have to pull CF out of the picture as they are all sites that require plugin uploads larger than 1MB

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This is what comes up in inspector in Chrome 413

Screenshot of error:

Is there anything in the server logs that shows an error?

Are you on a Free plan, or is this a paid plan? Paid plans have a WAF that might be stopping this, so see if the Firewall Events log shows anything.

Free plan.

Only error I can see if that 413 above…

Weird, I searched on 413 and the entire error string but the response that mentions Imunify360 never came up.

Thanks for the lead!

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