Cloudflare Blocks Our External Aplications

Cloudflare blocks the connection to the websocket of towards and on the other hand blocks the calls to the api from evaluator google-ads towards api.evaluator-google-ads .tusclicks

Where can i. manage this os solved?


Is there a specific error that’s shown when blocked?

Hi, not, just that the application doesn´t works, since blocks the calls to the api from evaluator towards

Do ia have to manage firewall? an add something to the subdomains?

Do you have a site where I can see that it’s not working?

Hi, no, i have to bacj the dns to the original hosting, since the aplications was not working. I was trying to find what to do before go back to cloudflare…

You could switch to Cloudflare but keep the proxying disabled (:ngrey: DNS-only). That way, your site should keep working. Then configure SSL (help article below) and enable “Automatic HTTPS rewrites” and “Always use HTTPS”, if available. After that, switch back to :orange: Proxy mode.

If it’s still not working, you can just pause Cloudflare or disable proxying temporarily and contact either Cloudflare support or ask in this community forum for more help. That way we can troubleshoot the issue step-by-step. :slight_smile:

thanks, i will do that

Hi, where can i do this? keep the proxying disabled (:ngrey: DNS-only)

You can disable proxying in your DNS settings:

If you want to contact support, you can do that here.


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