Cloudflare blocks my edit

I implemented PHP to add Rank Math Breadcrumbs, but Cloudflare blocked me. Schermata 2023 02 23 alle 20 42 15 — Postimages

Have you searched you Cloudflare logs for the Ray ID in your screenshot? That will help you find the reason you are being blocked. That should help you determine what you need to do to adjust that rule.

Can you tell me how to do it? I can’t find results related to 79e81931c92b839c on Google. There are no results on this forum either.

Bad article. I’m in the same situation as before. I can make changes on the live site, not on the staging site.

What was bad about the article? It’s a rather comprehensive explanation of what to do with a Ray ID. Are you searching for a Ray ID that will exist in the log window available on your plan?

This is the first mention you made of a staging site. That could certainly make things more complicated. You may want to provide more detail on how the staging site is configured. Subdirectory versus subdomain may be relevant, especially if the subdomain is deeper than a third-level domain. I would expect a different error in that case.

I contact the staging plugin. If I have any details to add, I’ll let you know.

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How to exclude staging site subfolder in Cloudflare settings?

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