CloudFlare blocks my access to Open.AI


Topic on Cloudflare Reddit:

Topic in Open AI:


What browser are you using?

Also not using apple products? I think apple has changed somethings causing issues with turnstile failures but I maybe wrong.

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Tested on:

  1. Opera Browse (my default).
  2. Epic Privacy Browser.

Not having issues on other Cloudflare protected websites. Only on OpenAI website (and precisely, I am able to access without issues the DALLE-2 section of the website, but not the ChatGPT one).

I realize that perhaps OpenAI has set a stricter set of rules for accessing their ChatGPT portion of the website (since many people try to abuse the API). I am able to log without issues to the DALLE-2 section.

P.S: Perhaps you should start to filter bad users based on “IP + Browser”, rather than only IP, because I suspect I am using a shared IP which someone else might have used in the past.

Well for one I am not a cf employee sorry to say. They do not talk on here just a bunch of random users like Reddit that use cf that try and help.

I do not think they block bad this way, I use openai as well and accessed it just now with dirty express VPN and passed the challenge fine.

What they have done is challenge all traffic with what’s called a manage challenge, but that will not block you unless you fail, if you were blocked it would say blocked immediately so the challenge is failing somehow as it thinks your a bot.

Only idea I can suggest is trying another browser like chrome or chromium and hopefully a mvp can tag this post and a cf employee might see.

Sorry I cannot help more.

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@JoshJ: Appreciate the response!

@CloudFlare: Again, I am noticing this “infinite loop” only on certain websites with Cloudflare (most Cloudflare protected websites are fine, even if I have to pass 2-3 CAPTCHAs before login). But some individual websites - like the one of OpenAI - SIMPLY NEVER EVER EVER LOAD. And this must be fixed!

P.S: Let me know if you want private details via PM (Exact IP, Browser agent, Addons list).


@fix_cloudflare: I’m not a Cloudflare employee either - but I guess you rather get a response if you stay polite and stop flaming. Probably you are the same person like in the linked reddit thread?

Kind Regards

@rittlef, I was going to say the OP was not really impolite so far, until I came across


Thanks for calling me and everyone else here names. Much obliged, @fix_cloudflare :roll_eyes:

And yes, that’s the same person -


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I’m not having troubles at all.
your ISP or OS might be blocking some servers which Cloudflare uses.

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The ChatGPT site is locked down pretty tight. I don’t get a lot of challenges from sites behind Cloudflare, but on that one I get the captchas and “checking your browser” pages regularly.

These are settings made by the site owner, not by Cloudflare, and there’s not a lot Cloudflare can do to help since the site owner here has chosen to put these restrictions on it. I’ve heard they have entire countries blocked.


Yes that’s me. Do you have any problems with my rights of self expression, bro?

To get back on topic: I have determined the issue is mostly caused by the IP + User agent combination. Additionally, through testing I have determined that through “adjustment” of the User Agent I am able sometimes to bypass the “infinite loop”.

Anyway, the issue is here is that IN NO CASE, Cloudflare should allow any NON-ROBOT user to get stuck in an infinite loop. Additionally, there should be NO CASE when the CAPTCHA challenge is NOT EVEN SHOWN.

The correct (and expected) normal behavior should be:

  1. Rate the reputation of the combination of IP + User agent.
  2. If the reputation is slow, determine how many CAPTCHAs the user must solve. A maximum reasonable amount of successful challenges to prove that user is not a robot should be something like completing 10 successful CAPCHAs.
  3. If the user passes the challenge in Point 2, the system should correctly remember that - NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT WANTS - No, this user is NOT A ROBOT, it is a REAL PERSON, and therefore the INFINITE LOOP OF â– â– â– â–  must be stopped for this combination of IP + User agent and the user should be allowed to proceed on the website.
  4. If there is a report for abuse for this IP+User Agent combination, the CAPTCHA must be enforced again, but this time the user must complete 2x the amount of challenges. It would be best, if this is also displayed to the user. A text something like the following would be helpful:
    "We have unfortunately received an abuse report for your combination of IP + User agent. You have to complete 19 more CAPTCHAs successfully in order to prove you are not a robot or an automated script.

P.S: To make it clear, NO, I have NEVER used multiple accounts, engaged in abuse, in botting, attacking websites or committing fraud

I’ve never understood the whole idea of typing certain words in all caps as a way to emphasize things.

What was your original one?

Not how it works, sorry.


First of all, I am not your “bro”. So it would be highly appreciated if you could use a more appropriate language. Second, yes I do have a problem if you are calling people names. If that is your self expression you may want to re-evaluate that.


LOL, you must be so desperate for ChatGPT’s help with your homework… that’s so sad! Maybe you need to reset your browser since you borked it with bunches of extensions and privacy tweaks to the point that Open A.I. could not determine that you’re an ACTUAL human being.


Your Lovely Internet Troll

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Thank you providing the link to the documentation, it gave me something to start with.
As, I thought it’s a case of false flagging by Project Honeypot (as others might be using the same IP, as it is a common exit gateway) + the specific administrator of the website setting a very high level of filtering by Cloudflare (previously, I didn’t knew that there were levels for that).

Ultimately, I will consider to reach out to the team.

P.S: It’s sad to see that you simply refuted an actual proper algorithm which would actually solve edge cases like this. Still, thanks for the rest of the post.

P.S. 2: @jase I understand that you are upset. Perhaps it’s best that you remain upset. There should be balance in the world.

Using Project Honeypot (which is claimed to be utilized by Cloudflare), I have also determined that my IP is, quote: "This IP addresses has been seen by at least one Honey Pot. However, none of its visits have resulted in any bad events yet. It’s possible that this IP is just a harmless web spider or Internet user. "

I will proceed to contact Cloudflare via email for this issue. If anyone knows any proper email address for filing such requests, I would be happy to be directed to one.

You don’t seem to understand.

IP alone will never cause you to be stuck on a challenge page, it is what prompts you to be given a challenge page.


Look, I will try to explain this as simple as possible.

  1. I am a human being with a computer.
  2. Increasingly I start to see “Cloudflare” CAPTCHA on more and more websites (Coinbase, OpenAI, now a random blog too).
  3. When Cloudflare “spinning wheel of eternal death and torture” shows up, sometimes it provides a CAPCHA (and I solve it). Sometimes it does not show a CAPTCHA at all. No matter what happens or what I do I AM NOT ABLE TO ACCESS MAJOR WEBSITES ANYMORE.
  4. Specifically for you, I have reset all settings of Chrome, disabled all addons and nothing has changed.

This issue is getting out of hand. Cloudflare should support a way to resolve false positives. The infinite wheel of death is unacceptable.

likewise you don’t understand the meaning of “Your Lovely Internet Troll”