Cloudflare blocks Gutenberg editor and slows down website icons

Greetings. I am living some issues with Cloudflare lately.

Since yesterday, for some reason my icon.woff file loads very slow, like 15-20 seconds. Also my Gutenberg wordpress editor gives an error and do not open. Site is also became very slow.

I was wondering the reason behind these problems, and tried to set Cloudflare in Development mode. After that, all problems suddenly vanished.

What might create these problems?

Things that I’ve already tried:

  • Closed Rocket Loader
  • Reinstalled WordPress,
  • Reinstalled Gutenberg plugin
  • Deactivated/Activated all plugins
  • Purged all caches

Thank you so much.

My website URL:

Is rocket loader turned on? That’s usually the issue.

Tried that, did not fix sadly. These are the errors I’m facing regarding Gutenberg:

The issue is those 522 errors.

Make sure you’ve whitelisted Cloudflare IPs IP Ranges, if you don’t there’s a good chance CF will be blocked a fair bit by your web host if they have rate limiting.

Also see

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