Cloudflare Blocks Calls To Google Maps API


Cloudflare blocks Google Maps API Calls from They do work with Cloudflare disabled. The Google Maps API key is restricted to this domain with a HTTP restriction such as*

The Google Map API Call works when:

  • Cloudflare is paused and HTTP restriction is on
  • Cloudflare is enabled, but the HTTP restriction is removed

As I said above, the HTTP restriction are correctly set up as the API Call works with the restrictions on and Cloudflare disabled.

Thank you!

If Cloudflare is blocking something, it should appear in the Firewall Events Log.

If Google Maps doesn’t work on a site, I first open my browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) and look at the Console and Network tabs for anything that’s not loading and the corresponding error message.



Thank you for your reply. My server IP does not show in the Firewall Events Log. That does not change the fact that the API works perfectly with Cloudflare disabled and does not work with Cloudflare enabled.

The HTTP restrictions are set up correctly in the Google Developer Console and they work with Cloudflare disabled.

There were a few other tickets posted about APIs not working with Cloudflare enabled, but, unfortunately, it looks like none of them contain a working solution as the people posting were shut down quickly e.g. it’s not a Cloudflare issue. However, this seem to be some common occurrences and they happen in conjunction with Cloudflare, at least, if not even because of it.


Thanks for flagging the ticket. As @sdayman suggested did you check your Network tabs for any error messages. We would sure like to check those messages. Please attach a “HAR” file when you see the issue.


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