Cloudflare blocks bots, my hosting company says it is not their fault


We have few web sites and only 1 of them ib pro plan. Which makes very big trouble for my client.

My site is definitely on google. here is the screenshot.
But when i click LIVE TEST, I have this error.

Rich test results says OK in mobile :

I also go and try mobile friendly tool and got error.

My my robots.txt is OK according to google.

Also my staging site has no issue when i try for mobile friendly test.

So what is wrong now?
Why my Live Test and mobile friendly test gives me error?

Btw I have checked with hosting company, which is they say Cloudflare blocks the bots.
Here is their screenshot. Screenshot by Lightshot

Our other websites with free plan has no issue in same server.

Your screenshot at Screenshot by Lightshot only shows the blocking of a pretend Googlebot using a CURL command. It is unlikely the real Googlebot is being blocked.

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