Cloudflare blocks Bing bot


A few weeks ago the shopping feed in the Microsoft Advertising Merchant Centre came up with an authentification error and wasn’t able to get my feed any more (the feed is behind Cloudflare and doesn’t need any login details).
Microsoft told me that Cloudflare is blocking the Bing bots. What can I do to unblock them?

Use firewall to allow bots identified by Cloudflare.

Where exactly in Cloudflare can I make that rule? And how can I identify the Bing bot?

Can somebody please help me? :frowning:

Hi @DWZ_Shop, can you check your Firewall Events tab in the dashboard and filter by rule “100202” and provide a screenshot? Thank you!

Hello @mdemoura

Here the screenshot:

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Those events and blocks issued by the WAF look correct, they are not Bingbot.

Is there an option in Microsoft’s Merchant Center to re-crawl your feed? If so, can you request it and check the firewall events again?

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