Cloudflare blocks access to googlebot

Cloudflare blocks access to googlebot on my website

How did you determine that?

why google delete me from the search, so delete it and try to add and in the verification shows me that error, my .htaccess and robots.txt are perfect but neither gtemetrix can access my site only by browser

Again, how do you determine that Google does not index your site?

for all the tools to track the site give access error, I must have liked some configuration that increased security and exta blogging the scanners, the last thing that configured was the crypto as flexible to use https.

these are the photos of my configuration, and sorry my english is a google translator I speak spanish.

Maybe if you remove the minimum TLS version from 1.3, that a large percentage of clients still do not support (maybe including Google and gtemetrix), this will work. I would not put anything higher than TLS 1.2.

To my credit: I found the answer BEFORE you posted the screenshots :slight_smile:

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Which tools? Your configurations looks alright, maybe try lowering the TLS version from 1.3 to 1.2 or 1.1. Also, you shouldnt use “Flexible” for SSL but install a certificiate on your server and switch to at least “Full”. That last bit shouldnt stop Google though, but is rather a general security issue.


thanks for your help that was the whole problem