Cloudflare blocks access from my phone

Hey, I have a bit of a strange problem.
I live on the border of two countries, I live in one, work in the other.
I very often connect to HA via wifi (locally), at work I use a domain on .xyz to connect by tunnel, via roaming.

Yesterday everything worked fine, I had access to the HA server all day. At home I used wifi, it was also ok.
This morning logging in from work, my phone could not connect to the server. The page was throwing up
Unable to fetch auth providers., locking up on the Initalizing screen.
Or not loading at all, without error code.

Connecting through a hotspot from a business phone (overseas, that is, not using roaming), the problem goes away immediately, I can connect to the HA server normally.

It seems as if using roaming on my phone is somehow blocking me through Cloudflare.

What is even stranger is that if I perform the following steps -.

connect via roaming (error)
connecting via hotspot (success)
entering lovelace, viewing dashboard (success)
disconnecting from the hotspot
the Home Assistant continues to work for a few minutes, then gets blocked again. Only reconnecting to the hotspot helps.
I suspect some kind of Cloudflare security bug, but I couldn’t find anyone with a similar error.

I have default settings, I only added a firewall rule blocking access from outside Poland and Germany (but the error was occurring even before this rule)

That sounds like an error in the application. You would need to review the logs of the application to determine why it is throwing an error.

Changing DNS to private -, fixed problem on my xiaomi phone.

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